definition of custodian in financial market


WHAT IS CUSTODIAN/CUSTODIAN BANK ? A custodian bank is a financial institution that holds customers’ securities for safekeeping to prevent them from being stolen or lost. The custodian may hold stocks, bonds, or other assets in electronic or physical form on behalf of its customers. Often, a custodian bank does more than provide asset protection. It can manage customers’…

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NBC Twiga Bond

NBC Twiga Bond gives you an opportunity to invest your money with guaranteed fixed income semi-annually to keep you covered during the whole period it’s a Hassle free means of investing with guaranteed stable return. What are the Investment benefits ? The nbc company has issued a document of transparency regarding this bond , download…

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Soko la hisa 101

Ni nini maana ya hisa..? Hisa ni sehemu ya umiliki wa kampuni flani, kwamfano endapo utanunua hisa ya kampuni kwamfano NMB PLC ,utakuwa mmoja wa wamiliki wa kampuni hiyo na kila faida inayopatikana kutokana na mapato yake basi na ww utajumuishwa ndani yake na pia utakuwa na haki ya kupiga kura katika vikao vya wanahisa…

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Acacia ‘seeking clarification’ after parent group Barrick says it could force resolution of row with Tanzania

Barrick’s chief executive Mark Bristow told Bloomberg: “We would definitely at a point intervene and force the process, but right now it’s not a constructive way to try to solve this problem.”  Acacia Mining PLC (LON:ACA) said it was seeking clarification following a media report that its parentcompany may have to force an end to…

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