A message from Paxful CEO

As CEO of Paxful, I’m responsible for the Bitcoin of over 11 million people. I take great pride in protecting our community’s funds and, unlike others in our industry, I have never touched our customers’ money. 

My sole responsibility is to help and serve you. That’s why today I’m messaging all of our users to move your Bitcoin to self-custody. You should not keep your savings on Paxful, or any exchange, and only keep what you trade here.

Why? For far too long people have trusted others to hold money on our behalf but—like we saw with the banks in 2008 and recently with FTX—you’re at the mercy of these custodians and their morals 😓

However, Bitcoin has given us the chance to finally be in control and we must take it. Rest assured, if you do wish to keep your Bitcoin on Paxful, your funds are safe with us but remember—only keep what you want to trade! 🙏


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